Seafarers Progress Update #2

Egghead Interactive

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Seafarers Progress Update #2

This week’s update has been a LOT of background and foundational work. The infrastructure for Kingdoms and wars has been implemented, and there are now actual wars that go on in the world as you travel!

In addition to the war system, Loyalty has now been introduced to the game! For right now, the only way to gain loyalty is to buy goods from a town owned by a certain Kingdom. For instance, if you frequently buy goods from the Red Kingdom, you will get loyalty for each good. Players will need to be careful though, because the Kingdom they choose to commit to may just get taken over by a rival Kingdom…

For right now, loyalty does not do anything, but loyalty will be the way players earn unlocks/buffs for their ship and when trading. In the future, combat will also have an affect on loyalty, but thats next update…