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Seafarers Progress Update 11/9

This week there are a LOT of changes to report on. First and foremost, the loyalty system and upgrade systems are 100% complete and working. Here in the new “Alliances” panel within the journal, you can view your current loyalty status, and upgrade progression with each kingdom! The loyalty system is now fully implemented within…
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Seafarers Progress Update #2

This week’s update has been a LOT of background and foundational work. The infrastructure for Kingdoms and wars has been implemented, and there are now actual wars that go on in the world as you travel! In addition to the war system, Loyalty has now been introduced to the game! For right now, the only…
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Seafarers Progress Update

This week’s update is primarily focused on the Towns of the game. I have received lots of feedback from players and beta testers, saying that towns did not feel fleshed out enough and were boring. To remedy this, I am adding depth and importance to towns by adding a Faction system to the game. The…
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